Beyond The Fade

Artist - Beyond The Fade

Album Title - Welcome To The Pain

Release Date - August 1st 2016

Genre - Hard Rock

Label - Sin Grin Records


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Band Memebers

Neil Jackson - Vocals

Jason Tedder - Guitar

Brandon Strickland - Guitar


Beyond the Fade started making noise in 2006. Brandon Strickland, the band’s
founder, lead guitarist, and song writer, quickly made a name for the band as
one of Charlotte’s hardest working entities. Due to the demanding schedule
that Strickland was booking, the band went through a number of lineup changes.
The band played from coast to coast, in bars, music venues, and at music
festivals, branding the name Beyond the Fade.
In 2012, the band parted ways with their front man and brought in vocalist
Neil Jackson, which the band knew very well, as they played many shows in the
Charlotte scene with his former band. They had mutual respect for each other
as artists and musicians. With the addition of Jackson on vocals and guitar,
the band began making waves opening for many national acts and playing up and
down the East coast. It was in mid-2014 that the band discussed taking Jackson
off guitar and pushing him into the front man role. Jackson was reluctant, but
realized it would improve the band’s live performance and his ability to
connect with the crowd. It was immediately welcomed by the band’s growing fan
base and Jackson came into his own as a front man.

Beyond the Fade began getting a lot of attention, which brought former
guitarist of national act Eye Empire, Jason Tedder, to one of the band’s shows
when opening for Red Sun Rising. He was very impressed with the performance
and spoke with Strickland and Jackson after the show. They hit it off and the
band asked Jason to join as rhythm guitarist. Tedder shared similar
influences, such as: Shinedown, Three Days Grace, and Sevendust, which made
the collaborative writing experience much easier.
The band was excited and began writing new music, trying new tunings, riffs,
and lyrical content. Shortly thereafter, they were ready to record their debut
album. The band recorded 3 songs with a well know artist and friend of the
band, but they felt the recording didn’t capture the essence of their true
sound. The band began to lose hope that they would ever have a collection of
songs to bring to their fans.
Producer Rick Beato and engineer Ken Lanyon, of Black Dog Sound Recording
Studios, contacted Beyond the Fade, as they were really into what the band was
doing and thought Black Dog would be a good match for recording and
production. After some thought, the band reached out to Rick and set up a
meeting. Beato recorded and helped with writing on Shinedown’s “Leave a Whisper”
album, as well as Crossfade, 12 Stones, Parmalee, Dark New Day, Stuck Mojo and
many, many more. The band went to Stone Mountain, Ga (right outside of
Atlanta) and recorded their first song, “Angel." They were blown away with how
well the recording was and were ready to record their full length album.
The band did what they do best and began touring hard to raise funds. In early
2015, they came to a resounding halt. The band had to split ways with their
bassist and drummer, due to creative differences when new material was written
for the album. This couldn’t have been a harder hit, since they were finally
into the recording process of the album, had a heavily promoted show with
Puddle of Mudd coming up that week, and a string of shows to follow. The band
had to cancel all shows for the first time in their history. The remaining
members contacted Black Dog Sound Recording Studios and explained the
situation. Rick assured them that it was not a problem. He enlisted the help
of himself on bass and recommended drummer, Garrett Whitlock, of the band
Tremonti to complete the album.
Strickland, Tedder, and Jackson went in and recorded 6 of their songs, and
wrote 5 more in the studio with Beato. The recording process took nearly a
year, but with Neil’s powerfully honest lyrics, and Brandon and Jason’s well-
constructed musical arrangements, the end result was nothing short of
incredible. The band’s highly anticipated debut album, “Welcome to the Pain”
was finally complete. The buzz was enormous as their fans had been waiting for
so long. The album dropped on August 1st 2016 and was followed up with their
public album release party on Sept 9th, at Amos’ Southend, in Charlotte NC,
which was a monumental night for the guys. The band had local talent fill in
for them on bass and drums for the show.
To date, the band has played across the country, from The Whisky A Go-Go, in
Hollywood, CA, to Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach, SC, to Rock USA Festival, in
Oshkosh, WI, to 6th Street in Austin, TX, as well as at the Uproar Festival.
They have shared the stage with national acts: Shinedown, Motley Crue,
Godsmack, and Skillet, to name just a few.
Beyond the Fade plans to return to touring in early 2017, after completing
their lineup. They will hit the road hard, playing festivals in the United
States and Europe. The sky is the limit for this hardworking dedicated rock

CD Track listing:

I’m Alive

Follow You

12 Steps


Welcome to the Pain

Love and Hate

Bad (Never felt so good)